Headerbild: Residenzschloss Darmstadt. Fotograf: Katrin Binner.

DFG Project Group „Eigenlogik der Städte“ (Intrinsic Logic of Cities)

The Project Group „Intrinsic Logic of Cities“ aims at investigating cities as units of specific socializing character. Referring to spatial theory, the Project Group defines „city“ as a form differing in density and heterogeneity and including people in various ways in urban contexts. According to the thesis, each city provides the basis for the development of specific and distinguishable constellations of interrelated expertise and expression which determine people’s practices in various ways. The term “intrinsic logic of cities” determines these hidden urban structures as locally grown and to the most part silently effective pre-reflexive processes with all their bodily-material connotations.

The intrinsic logic of cities may be analysed by comparison only. And so the Project Group compares different case studies on discursive and material practices in two German and two British cities (Dortmund, Frankfurt on the Main, Birmingham, Glasgow). First, it seeks to identify typical and recurring patterns of each city and, in a second step, it combines the results of the subprojects with respect to the theoretical and methodological questions as to whether and how the different practical structures allow conclusions on an intrinsic structure of the respective city.