Working Group on Interdisciplinary Urban Research

Who we are

The Interdisciplinary Working Group "Urban Research" at the Technical University of Darmstadt has been developing multidisciplinary scientific perspectives on urban life in various formats since 2004. Its goal is to understand past and current challenges faced by cities and work on them innovatively. Together, the members of the AG form one of the most distinguished centers of interdisciplinary urban research in Germany.

The focal point: Urban Research

Almost thirty disciplines from the fields of sociology, political science, history, philosophy, architecture, sports sciences, construction and environmental sciences, geosciences, computer science, and economics work together in the interdisciplinary working group.

Urban research is one of the focal points of the Department 02 “History and Social Sciences”. In this context, cities are considered both as an object in their own right, and as a specific space in which various social, cultural and political phenomena are expressed in a particular way. Currently, Department 02 is working on the topics of housing, environment and climate, public spaces as well as critical infrastructures in an interdisciplinary way. This is also done collaboratively with members of other departments of the TU Darmstadt, who are organized in the TU-wide Working Group: Interdisciplinary Urban Research.